Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 9.14.12

It's Blue Day in The Boy's class today, and my repertoire of blue food is sadly low without a very well planned trip to the grocery store, which I did not have time for this week... but it's still decently blue.

His snack is a peach medley applesauce (not pictured - 14g).

Sandwich: 32g, Cheez-its: 12g, Cheese stick: 1g, melon: 5g, blueberry yogurt jelly: 6g, Taro wafer cookie: 4g
His lunch is Biscoff and peach preserves on a sandwich thin, some Cheez-its in a Lego container (I am in love with these things!), a cheese stick, watermelon and cantaloupe, a blueberry yogurt jelly, and a taro wafer cookie.

Happy Friday!!!

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