Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 9.27.12

I have a new toy!  It's the Cute-Z-Cute animal friends cutter.  It is TOTALLY adorable and so very easy.  I like that combination.
Image courtesy AllThingsForSale

It is available on Amazon and AllThingsForSale

So, I played with it for lunches today.  His snack is a banana (not pictured - 28g).

Cookies: 10g, apple slices: 8g, carrots & ranch: 5g, yogurt jelly: 6g, granola bar: 15g, sandwich: 27g
And his lunch is a CuteZCute cut Panda sandwich with jelly and some chocolate sprinkles, some crinkle cut carrot coins in an Easylunchbox Mini Dipper, with some ranch dressing in a little sauce container, a mango yogurt jelly, a homemade granola bar, apple slices with panda picks, and some alphabet cookies, all in an Easylunchbox container.

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