Saturday, September 8, 2012

Culinary Adventure: Dragonfruit

I went to an Asian market the other day and saw dragonfruit.  I couldn't resist.  I've never had dragonfruit itself.  I think I've had dragonfruit "flavored" things, but you know the dragonfruit is pretty far down on the list...

So, I decided we should embark on this culinary adventure as a family.  I'd like to do this more often - pick something we've never tried and try it. 

From what I read on the internet, dragonfruit has a mild flavor, almost like a mixture between pear and kiwi, and have plenty of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium... and on and on... some claim some serious health benefits.  I don't think it's magical.  I do think it costs $5/lb, so it isn't something we'll be enjoying very often, but...

When it came time to try it, I sliced it open to reveal the beautiful black spotted, white flesh of the fruit.  Alas, the most gorgeous part of the fruit, that glorious skin, is not edible.  Into the garbage it went.  I also have read about using the skin as a serving dish for the fruit.

Each of us took a small piece to taste.

The Hubby was not impressed.  He thought that the flavor would be more ... something.  For being such a bright fruit, he expected a bright flavor.  The Boy agreed with The Hubby.

The Girl and I liked it.  It does have a very mild flavor, almost grassy in the aftertaste.  I cubed up the remaining fruit and put it in a container in the fridge.  It should keep for a while.  I made a little fruit salad for The Girl with dragonfruit, kiwi, and a little honey and cinnamon.  That went over very well. 

What is the last new fruit or vegetable you tried?  And I wonder what I'll find next for us to try...

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  1. Kohlrabi was the last new one I tried. I think this is a fantastic idea.. try new things! I'm always look at some odd melons at one of our better produce stores.. Never had dragonfruit either. This was a great write up!

  2. We tried that same fruit in Guatemala (called pitaya there) this summer but the flesh of the fruit was hot pink. It was so yummy!

  3. The harder to get and more pricey dragon fruit is the one that's pink inside. I've heard (never found any where I live) that the flavour of the pink one is amazing!! My girls and I have tried the white dragon fruit many times. It's a super pretty fruit but I do wish it had a stronger flavour. My girls and I describe it as a watery mild kiwi flavour....mostly because of the seeds I think. I think it would taste great though with Kiwi and some honey...will have to try that!!


  4. Yum! We love dragonfruit :D mixing with kiwi for fruit salad sounds delicious!