Saturday, September 22, 2012

King Arthur Flour Grand Opening Celebration!

As soon as I saw that King Arthur Flour was having a Grand Opening Celebration for their newly renovated Store & Baking Education Center, I knew I had to plan for the road trip.  I got to see most of it at the Blog & Bake, but the cafe wasn't done then.  It is so fabulous!

I loaded the kids up into the car early in the morning and arrived just after 10 AM today (Saturday), and we stayed until almost 4 PM.  I wanted to leave earlier, but they both said "Mom, we drove 2 hours to get here, we really should stay until we've done everything!"  I love these kids.

There were awesome door prizes.  We got a whole slew of awesome swag.  I have some multiples, because they gave some to the kids, too.

With a screen!
We went to a great demonstration featuring King Arthur Flour bakers PJ Hamel & Brinna Sands.  They made Almond Puff Loaf.  And we got to taste it.  Astounding.  

The kids adored it.  They are basically a pie crust, topped with pate a choux, topped with jelly and almonds.  I mean, really.  Delish.  Make this.

Self decorated cookies!
Next, we wandered around the Baker's Store for a bit.  We watched the bakers making bread and pain au chocolat.  We had samples.  So many samples.  

We ate a wonderful lunch (and The Boy was astounded that I didn't pack lunch.  This was a special occasion).

We had more samples.

Finally, we attended another demo by Dede Wilson, on her Cake Balls.  She has a whole cookbook on cake balls from scratch - scratch cake, scratch binders (she used ganache!!).  I kind of want it.

She showed us her techniques for crumbling the cake...

adding the binder .....

rolling the balls ....

dipping the balls .....

and decorating the balls.

I want to make myself some of these parchment cones - instead of using disposable pastry bags.  Nice.

And I came home with all sorts of goodies to play with!  I bought some sticky bun sugar (which I plan on using in granola bars) and some more self-rising flour to play with, too!

Oh yeah, there was face painting, too!
Overall, I am so thrilled to have made the trip, and the kids were begging to go back next weekend for a class at the Baking Education Center.  It's not going to happen, but I am happy that they enjoyed it as much as I did.

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  1. Astrid!!!! I am so excited for you! (and a little jealous too!) This looks like an amazing trip! So glad that the kidlets cooperated and had a great time. Can't wait to see what awesome things you make with your new found swag!!!

  2. Astrid, thanks for coming! I'm so happy to hear the kids loved it as much as you did. Thanks for sharing with your readers!