Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lunch: 9.27.12

If you go to The Boy's lunch, you'll see another fun shape from my new toy, the CuteZCute - the panda!
Photo courtesy AllThingsForSale
It can do other shapes, too.  The Girl requested a kitty.

Her snack is a banana (not pictured).

Her lunch is a kitty CuteZCute sandwich, with jelly and some sprinkles in the holes (to keep the jelly from getting all over the box, and the jelly to keep the sprinkles on.  It's a reciprocal relationship), crinkle cut carrot coins in an Easylunchbox Mini Dipper, with some ranch dressing in a little sauce container, a blueberry yogurt jelly, a homemade granola bar, apple slices with a sun ring, and a kiwi with a kitty pick, all in an Easylunchbox container.

I can't wait to play with my CuteZCute cutter some more!

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  1. very cute kitty and great tip for using Jelly to keep the sprinkles on. Love it :)