Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 10.15.12

Happy Monday!
Mini doughnuts: 10g each (4 doughnuts = 40g)
The Boy's snack is some mini pumpkin doughnuts that I made with this recipe from King Arthur Flour, in my mini doughnut pans.  His snack is in a container I found at Michael's craft store a couple years ago.
Sandwiches: 20g, yogurt with maple and sprinkles: 15g, applesauce: 8g, melon & kiwi berries: 6g, wafer cookie: 4g
His lunch is some Jack-o-lanteren ham sandwiches (made with this press), in a silicone pumpkin cup, some Cabot Greek yogurt with maple syrup and a small amount of Halloween sprinkles on top in an Easylunchboxes Mini Dipper, blueberry applesauce (also in a mini dipper), kiwi berries & watermelon balls, and a taro wafer cookie, all in an Easylunchbox.

How adorable are these things?

A note about the kiwi berries.  I first saw them over on Molly's Lunch Box, and I knew I had to try to find them.  Imagine my glee when I stumbled upon them in the store today!  They were not cheap, and I will not be making them something that I let the kids eat my the handful, but they are super cute and absolutely lunch-worthy.  They are tiny, as you can see, and you can eat the skin (which is not furry).  The Boy doesn't like regular kiwis, but he is super excited about kiwi berries!

I looked up how to grow them yourself, and they are hardy, and sound like they would grow well here in Vermont, but... they can take up to 8 years to bare fruit.  Add to that fact that I am a kind of terrible gardener, and I think that's something I will leave on the dream list.  I wonder if anyone local grows them?

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  1. We found kiwi berries last weekend at Sam's Club. They seem sweeter than your average full sized kiwi and got thumbs up here.

    1. We don't have a Sam's Club! I wonder if they have them at Costco... a tiny container was $5 at the store I found them at, and that's not something I would probably get often...