Monday, October 15, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 10.16.12

The Boy has a blueberry applesauce for snack (not pictured: 15g)

Melon & Kiwi Berries: 6g, wafer: 4g, ham: 1g, yogurt: 15g, dried fruit: 9g, cheese: 0g, crackers: 2g
His lunch is some melon and kiwi berries, ham in a pumpkin silicone cup, some Cabot Greek Yogurt (don't miss my Giveaway!) with maple syrup stirred in and a few sprinkles on top, in an Easylunchbox mini dipper, some dried fruit, Cabot cheddar cheese, and a couple mini ranch crackers in a silicone pea pod container, and a taro wafer cookie, in an Easylunchbox.

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