Monday, October 22, 2012

Lunch for Mommy & Daddy: 10.23.12

Daddy and I both have leftover pizza for lunch (I got way too much pizza the other night!).  Daddy has an apple and a chocolate chip cookie bar that I made, and I have a clementine and a chocolate chip cookie bar, along with a piece of cheesy bread (because my pizza is smaller).

My, what a beige lunch you have... (I'll make up for the beige at dinner)

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  1. How do you heat up your pizza? Do you take everything else out and zap it? Or put it on a plate and zap it? Just wondering.

    1. If I am heating in the microwave, I take the fruit and other things out and usually put them on the lid on the table in the break room at work, then zap the bottom with the pizza. If I send things to school with the kids, they eat them room temp with no complaints. :)