Thursday, October 4, 2012

Recipe: Buffalo Hot Dogs

I love Buffalo wings.  Major craving.  The kids are not really fans (yet) of spicy things... so they had plain hot dogs, and I had a couple of these Buffalo Hot Dogs.

I thought them up while on my way home from work on my bike yesterday.  I'm really happy with how they turned out, and I want to make them again for people (more than myself) who would appreciate them.  The recipe below is for 8 hot dogs, but I only used it for my own two.

For now, I had a yummy dinner.  And that counts for a lot in my book.  Tee hee.

I used some Cabot Greek Yogurt in the sauce - stay tuned, because I have a great review & giveaway coming soon for Cabot!

Buffalo Hot Dogs

8 hot dogs (I like Oscar Meyer Selects)
1/4 c plain Cabot Greek yogurt
2 Tbsp ranch dressing
2 Tbsp buffalo wing sauce (more or less, to taste)
1/4 c gorgonzola or blue cheese
8 hot dog buns

Cook the hot dogs according to package directions.  Mix together the yogurt, ranch dressing, buffalo wing sauce, and cheese.  Cut the hot dogs into bite sized pieces and mix with the sauce.  Spoon into buns and top with additional cheese and buffalo sauce, if desired.

Enjoy!  (I also bet they would be lovely topped with celery...)

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