Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lunch: 9.9.10

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These crepes are a little too thick... she doesn't complain
For a snack, the girl has rolled up crepes with lemon and confectioner's sugar (just a bit of both), sliced apple, and a juice.

For lunch, she has some blue corn Food Should Taste Good chips, grapes, a chewy granola bar, raisins, a heart ham sandwich made on rainbow pain de mie, and a couple little cheese flowers in her Easy Lunchbox.

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  1. I wish my baby girl had enough time at snack to eat such a wonderful yummy snack like that :( But on an upnote..Im dying to try this bread( unrainbow first:) ) but lack the there another way to do this bread? I have put it on my wishlist for Santa though...and he is usually really good to me ;)

  2. My girl is a pretty efficient eater at snack. And she loves those crepes and ought to scarf them right down. ;)
    You can make this bread in any loaf pan, but you won't get as dense a crumb as with the pain de mie pan. Still, it's delicious!