Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lunch: 9.23.10

Snack is homemade yogurt with vanilla stirred in, and some granola, along with a juice.

Lunch is a roast beef sandwich on pink swirl pain de mie, string cheese, a chewy granola bar, half a kiwi, and some Pink Pineapple Funky Monkey Treats, in an Easy Lunchbox container.

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  1. Ok, I'm going to pester you w/ more bread questions. I'm going to bake another batch tonight so.......Do you usually add any whole grain flour to the mix? I usually try to do half and half when I bake but I didn't know what that would do to the consistancy of the bread. Also when you add "extras" (like flax or something like that) do you omit some of the flour for the extra dry ingredients? I don't when I bake muffins and such but bread is new to me : ) When I was making the last batch the dough seemed kind of dry and very hard for my mixer to kneed (I have a kitchen aide so it should be able to handle it) did I maybe not put enough wet in it? The final product was good but my mixer just really had a hard time?? Ok, that's it for now LOL!
    Nikki (from bbc diabetes board)

  2. I usually do about half whole wheat, and add about 1/4-1/2 c flax seed meal. I do not omit any other dry ingredients. I just watch it to make sure the consistancy is good, adding more water if needed (I haven't had to add more water to this mix). I find that weighing out the ingredients works best, and if you have been weighing things for carb counts, maybe you already have a scale? The dough is pretty hard for my machine to get through in the beginning, but it does fine once it's all together.
    Good luck!