Monday, September 27, 2010

Lunch: 9.27.10

Happy Monday!

Snack is a mini waffle sandwich with nutella, some strawberries, and a juice.

Lunch is half a kiwi, some grapes, a bagel sandwich, a couple of my vanilla cookie bites in the little yellow container, a string cheese, applesauce in the pink topped container, and some jivalime dried pineapple with lime from Funky Monkey.

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  1. It’s your bread stalker again LOL! My family is total addicted to this bread, thank you so much for sharing. I even ordered a 2nd pan to bake 2 at a time and freeze one or give one away (I have lots of friends who want some). I also ordered some of their whole grain mix in’s and stuff, they sound so yummy. So my question is again on storage. I’ve been using a dish towel as you suggested then putting that in a plastic bag for storage. But after a couple days it still seems to dry out. I’ve noticed you have the same loaf for a week sometimes, how do you keep it fresh? Do store it in the fridge? I was thinking that might help. Ideas??
    Nikki from BBC Diabetes board

  2. So happy that you are enjoying the bread (and oh, how I would love a second pan... some day..) I keep mine wrapped in a towel and it stays pretty good until the end of the week. According to KAF, the fridge would only dry it out more, but you could freeze half the loaf and thaw it when the first half is done. It keeps better in the freezer than in the fridge.
    (Are you a follower on FB? I made some new rainbow pain de mie that I am thrilled with - it will make lunch appearances tomorrow, but there's a pic on the FB page).
    Good luck!

  3. Not a fb fan but I'm on fb so I'll try to find it. I am not great at that stuff, I check my fb on my phone most of the time and it is a "limited" version. I made tye dye (rainbow) yesterday and dd loved it. She took it today and was super excited. I added the color in the first kneeding and it worked much better for me, my first attempt was good but looked much different.

  4. Also - try adding a little vital wheat gluten! 2-3 Tbsp per loaf.