Friday, September 3, 2010

Product Review: Beveri Flax Seed

A while back, I was contacted by the good people at beveri nutrition to ask if I would be interested in trying out some of their products and reviewing them. 

How could I say no?  You may have noticed that I love love love using flax seed.

So, for the past few weeks, I've been using the Organic Whole Golden Flaxseed and the Golden Flaxseed Fine Milled with Mixed Berries that I received from beveri.  I've used them in pancakes, in chewy granola bars, in homemade instant oatmeal, in pain de mie, and more.

Like other flax seed that I've used, the beveri flax seed nearly disappears in recipes.  It imparts a slight nuttiness to baked goods, which we all enjoy. The beveri are higher quality than other flax seed I've been using, and can stay fresh at room temperature.  That's nice.  I have always refrigerated my other flax seed to keep it from going bad.  Not necessary with beveri.

I really like the flax that is milled with mixed berries.  It is a subtle difference in flavor, but it is there.  Adds a little extra something. 

And now, for my wonderful readers, the folks from beveri are offering free samples!  The first 500 people to enter their information into the button in the sidebar will get free samples.  No catch.  Nice, huh?  So, go ahead, try them out!  I've got plenty of recipes for you to try them in!

Disclaimer:  I received two free bags of beveri flax seed in exchange for this review, but otherwise I have received no other compensation.  All the opinions are my own completely.

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  1. GREAT giveaway!!! I love flax seed and use it a ton in baking and dump it in my cereal every morning too. :D

    Signed up and excited for samples!

  2. I really enjoy flax seed in various baked products and have also used flax seed oil in many ways...and I have had the privilege of being Astrid real life friend and have enjoyed her use of this product!!! I am really excited to try your samples...thanks for presenting them!!