Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lunch: 9.13.10

A new week, and more lunches, and a couple days left to enter my King Arthur Flour giftcard giveaway!

For snack, she has half a kiwi (she eats them out with a spoon), some homemade cheese crackers, and a couple dried plums, along with a juice.

In an Easy Lunchbox for lunch, she has a chewy granola bar, some raspberries, a string cheese, and a ham sandwich on a pain de mie I attempted to make a flower in.  Can you see it?  If you squint hard?  It could have turned out better... but it also could have been worse.

This lunch is shared on What's For Lunch at Our House.

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  1. That rainbow bread is awesome! Never heard of it before, and yes, I saw the flower right away, great job! Happy WFLW :)

  2. Making flowers in bread. I think you're a genius Astrid and I don't even need to squint to see that.