Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gift Idea for the Lunch Packer: Crockpot & Yogurt Strainer

This is the first in a series of posts I'm going to do about good gift ideas for the lunch packer - or for the follower of my blog!

First things first, I want to disclose that I am an Amazon Affliliate, and the links I post are my affiliate links.

It is no secret that I love to make my own yogurt in my crockpot

I also prefer to strain my yogurt, so that it is Greek Style, and I have all of that lovely whey to use in other things, like Rainbow Pain de Mie.

The first thing you need to make yogurt is a good crockpot.  The one I use is a 5-Quart Rival Smart Pot.

This West Bend 4-Quart Crockery Cooker looks like a nice one, too.  It would be a good size for a batch of yogurt.

As far as a strainer goes, I have two of these Donvier Yogurt Cheese Makers.  Three would be better for a whole recipe of yogurt.  I have to strain in two batches.
I like this yogurt strainer because it is so easy, efficient, and dishwasher safe!  Sure, you could strain with cheesecloth, but it makes a huge mess.  This does not.

So, if you have someone on your Christmas list who you think would like to try their hand at making yogurt, here's the perfect gift for them!

More gift ideas to come!  Happy Holidays!

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