Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lunch: 11.22.10 & 11.23.10

Sorry these are posted late - it's a busy week! (what with all the pies...)

The Girl only had school for two days this week, so here are her lunches and snacks for the two days she did have!

Monday's snack was apples and nutella, along with a juice.

Lunch was a garlic knot, a chai spiced cupcake, a babybell, some ham, some grapes, and some broccoli with ranch.

Tuesday's snack was apples with nutella and a juice (she really likes this snack).

Lunch was a maple leaf shaped ham sandwich on pain de mie, a chai spiced cupcake, a babybell, some yogurt with vanilla syrup stirred in, and some grapes.

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