Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lunch: 11.4.10

Did the Chicken Shaped Egg come first?
I made shaped hard boiled eggs in my Tovolo ice cream sandwich molds.  Super fun!

But first, snack.  She has some more popcorn, and a (storebought) chocolate chip mini muffin, with some juice.

And lunch is the aforementioned chicken shaped egg, a chicken shaped ham sandwich on pain de mie, some applesauce, some homemade cheese crackers (Halloween shapes - leftover from my Halloween Party), dried plums, a chewy granola bar with pumpkin, and a couple Starburst (from her Halloween stash), in her EasyLunchbox

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  1. The eggs don't smell? I've thought about packing tuna or hard-boiled eggs but concerned about the smell.

  2. She has never complained. And she loves eggs. :D

  3. Glad the egg turned out well for you! Very fun. :)