Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lunches for an Outing: 11.26.10

I am working retail on Black Friday (small local store, so we have madness, but not the midnight door sitter kind, just the good old fashioned happy Holiday shopper kind), and my parents are watching my kids for the day (so that they can play with their cousins who are up visiting).

So, I packed lunches for them for the day, to make it easier on my parents. 

The Girl has a lovely leftover turkey sandwich with lingonberry jam on one side (it's very close to cranberry sauce) and miracle whip on the other, on pain de mie.  She also has some grapes, some apples, and some homemade Greek style yogurt with vanilla.

The Boy declined turkey, so he has a couple of my mom's crescent rolls with nutella in them, some grapes, apples, and yogurt with vanilla.

Both of them will also have a cupcake that my sister brought up.  They had pie for Thanksgiving dessert, but wanted the cupcakes with their lunch. 

FYI:  I posted some links on my Facebook page to some recipes I made for Thanksgiving.  Go check it out if you don't "Like" me on Facebook yet!

I hope that everyone had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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