Saturday, September 3, 2011

Giveaway: My brother, Lars D. H. Hedbor's, book - The Prize - Winner!

Sorry about the late winner drawing... I had an unexpected night at the fair with the kids last night, and didn't get home until very late.

So.. Thank you to all who entered!  I hope that those of you who did not win will consider picking up The Prize in any case - It's available in paperback and in e-book format (Kindle, Nook, and others).

As chosen by, the winner is... #1 - Ubelle!
Ubelle said...

I can't wait to read this. Not sure what my favorite historical period to read about is. Torn between American colonization and Pre-historic time frame.
I'll get in touch with you to get your mailing address and I'll get your prize of The Prize right out to you!  Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy it.  Also, anyone who reads it, my brother would love to have (honest) reviews on either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Thanks to all, and keep an eye out - he's got another book in his Tales from the Revolution series at the publisher now!

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