Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lunch for The Boy: 9.30.11

It's the last day of September (how did that happen?) and it's Friday!
Yogurt: 10g, Granola: 10g
Snack is his current favorite of homemade Greek yogurt with some apple peel jelly stirred in, and my Grandma's granola.  (A note: I think I was overestimating the carbs in this - his blood sugar has been going low at lunch time... So, the carb counts listed today are different than the carb counts listed for previous mentions of the same thing.  I hope this accounting is better for him)
Dumplings: 32g, applesauce: 15g, raisins: 15g, Goldfish: 11g, ABC Grahams: 22g

Lunch is the last of the Costco Chinese dumplings, raisins, applesauce, the last of the ABC Grahams, and some Goldfish crackers and pretzels.

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