Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lunch for the Boy: 9.2.11

Happy Friday!
Raisins: 16g, School bus "animal" crackers: 15g (5g each)

Snack for the boy is raisins and a couple school bus "animal" crackers.
Sandwich: 30g, Crackers: 8g (2g each), ABC grahams: 11g, Cucumbers & Celery: 1g, Ranch: 3g, Watermelon: 6g

Lunch is a ham and cheese sandwich on homemade pain de mie, cucumber and celery with ranch dressing, some beet cheddar crackers with flax, ABC Graham crackers (I got them on Clearance - they are Newman's Own), and watermelon, in our Easy Lunchbox!

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