Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lunch: 1.25.13

The Girl told me that they are having a contest in school.  For each different fruit or veggie they have in their snack, they will get a point.  In lunches, there are only points for one fruit and one veggie.  So, she asked me if I could pack as many different kinds of fruits and veggies in snack as possible.

This sounds like a challenge.  I love challenges.

Thus, her Friday snack has half a kiwi, half a clementine, carrots, broccoli, and dried plums.

Her lunch has the other half of the kiwi, the other half of the clementine, a puff pastry apple with a little cheddar cheese, a few veggie puff snacks, a ham skewer, and some mozzarella cheese, all packed in an Easylunchboxes Bright box.

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