Monday, January 14, 2013

Lunch for The Boy: 1.14.13

Applesauce: 10g, Chex: 22g
The Boy's snack for Monday is some corn chex and a Squishy Snak Pak full of applesauce.

Raisins: 16g, apple: 4g, radish & ranch: 3g, strawberries: 2g, sandwich: 20g
His lunch is apple slices, raisins, Valentine radish (which is the same thing as a watermelon radish, but they had it in the store as a valentine radish, I assume because of the season), ranch dressing, a couple strawberries, and a ham and sandwich with smoked gouda sundried tomato spread, cut with a CuteZcute cutter, in a new Easylunchbox Brights box.

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