Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wacky Worldly Waffle Wednesday: Japan

The Boy pointed to Japan on the map we have next to the menu board, and declared that this week's waffles should be inspired by Japan.  Since I wasn't going to make sushi waffles, I decided on...

Matcha Waffles with Plum Ginger Whipped Cream


So, they were pretty simple.  To the waffle batter, I added a tablespoon of Republic of Tea Matcha powder.  The batter was beautifully green, but the waffles browned in the waffle iron, so I broke off a piece of the waffle to show the pretty green interior. 

The flavor was subtle and lovely.  You could add some more Matcha powder if you wanted a more pronounced flavor.

For the whipped cream, I rehydrated some dried plums in water with a few slices of ginger.  Once they were entirely rehydrated (I left them for several hours, but they were probably done much sooner than that), I pureed them along with the ginger (draining off the water), and then folded them into some fresh whipped cream, adding a little sugar to taste.  I topped with a few slices of fresh plum (there was only one plum at the store!  I snatched it up).

Overall, a nice waffle.  The kids really enjoyed the Matcha, and that makes me happy.  I'll be using it some more in baking - I've been meaning to get it for a while and am happy to have a good stock now.

Next week, The Boy has declared that we should have Chilean waffles... wonder what I'll come up with for that!

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