Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lunch for The Boy: 2.1.13

February!  And Friday! 

The Boy's snack is some blueberry applesauce (not pictured: 15g).

Yogurt: 9g, strawberries: 5g, carrots & hummus: 3g, crackers: 20g, meatballs: 5g, pretzel: 2g
His lunch is carrots and hummus, strawberries, a new Chobani Champions Rockin' Blueberry Tube (generously provided to me by Chobani - but you can enter to win some Chobani Champions yogurt on their facebook page!), a couple meatballs, rainbow goldfish crackers, and a peppermint covered pretzel star (though I had to break it up to fit in the treat compartment) - all packed in his Yumbox.  I was able to fold the Champions tube in half to fit in the Yumbox.  :)

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