Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 3.12.12

I'm back from Sweden!  It was a good trip, and I will have pictures to post later of some of the (fantastic) food I ate...

For now, though, I just have to post lunches before I crawl into bed...
Granola: 15g, yogurt with maple: 20g

The Boy's snack is some yogurt in a silicone ice pop mold, along with some homemade granola.
Yertle sandwich: 28g, cheese: 1g, puffed treats: 4g, dried cherries: 30g, apples: 6g
His lunch is some apple slices, Cherry-go-round from Peeled Snacks (review coming soon!), a Yertle the Turtle roll with ham, cheese slices, and a couple little puffed heart snacks from Sweden (puffed potato snacks, heart shaped, onion & cheese flavor).

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