Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 3.26.12

Sunday was Swedish Waffle Day!  So, we ate waffles all day - regular waffles for breakfast, small waffles for lunch (actually small pancakes - couldn't find my mini waffle pan...) with a fruit salad, and yeasted Belgian waffles as part of a breakfast for dinner feast.
Mini pancakes: 20g, nutella: 15g
The Boy's snack for Monday is a couple small barnyard pancakes with some nutella to spread on them.
Belgian waffle with Biscoff and jelly: 25g, apple: 5g, ham: 1g, melon: 7g, strawberries: 6g
His lunch is a couple quarters of a the yeasted Belgian waffles, with Biscoff and jelly, apple pieces, a piece of ham, strawberries, and some mixed melon.

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