Monday, March 19, 2012

Lunch for The Boy: 3.20.12

Happy First Day of Spring!

Unfortunately, I have nothing super adorable and springy for you all, because I am still recovering from a long long weekend (I was in a community theatre play.. it was super fun, but tiring!), and I still kind of need to go grocery shopping...

So, snack for The Boy is a banana (no pic, 28g)
Strawberries: 6g, apple slices: 8g, cheese: 1g, Irish soda bread: 20g, Strawberry yogurt pretzels: 10g
His lunch is some of the store bought Irish soda bread (they love this!), apple slices, cheddar slices, strawberries, and some strawberry yogurt covered pretzels.

Note: I'm trying to become a better photographer... Do you like the picture that I have in today's lunch?  I'd love to hear feedback as to which you prefer...

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