Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lunch for the Boy: 4.1.11 - April Fool's Day!

Not as wonderfully interesting as I was hoping for April Fool's Day, but ...

The boy has a fruit cup for his snack again, drained as yesterday.  (~15g carbs, no picture).

For lunch, and I hope he'll eat it, he has a meatloaf "cupcake" (~8g) with mashed potato "frosting,"(~8.5g) with ketchup on the side for him to eat on the cupcake (3g), along with a few dried pineapple pieces (10g), homemade shaped flatbread with butter (10g), grapes (8g), and a "hamburger" cookie - two nilla wafer "buns" with a thin "mint burger patty".

For this cookie burger, I microwaved the thin mint for about 10 seconds, popped the nilla wafers on either side, and then froze it until it was solid again.

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1 comment:

  1. just adorable the hamburger is heaven the cupcakes came out so must be so pleased!!!