Monday, June 13, 2011

Lunch: 6.13.11 - Last Day of School BBQ

The one and only day that I buy school lunch for The Girl - the last day BBQ. 

The Boy and I ate with her.

For the kids: Grilled hot dogs on a whole wheat bun, Sun Chips (we love these as a treat!), apple slices, apple juice or milk (The Boy got milk because we don't like giving him too much extra juice because of his Type 1 Diabetes), and an ice cream sandwich.  I let them eat the ice cream sandwiches first, so they didn't melt.
The grown ups could get a veggie burger instead of a hot dog, and there was pasta salad available.  It was fresh and really yummy.

It may not have been the healthiest lunch, but it was delicious, and we all had a fun time.

Happy Summer!  Don't miss my pretzel giveaway, and don't worry, I'll be blogging plenty of recipes and the like over the summer.

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