Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lunch: 6.7.11

Today is the first day of The Girl's "Project Inside Out," and lunch and snack are packed in an Easy Lunchbox cooler, which I don't use every day because it doesn't fit well in her backpack, but no backpacks are needed for Project Inside Out, so it's perfect!

Snack is a banana and a juice (seen here on top of the lunch). 

She also has a water bottle with some Mio in it, and for lunch, she has a ham sandwich, a cheese stick, strawberries, and a couple "WhoNu" cookies.

Have you seen these cookies?  I'm interested in knowing more about them - I'll do some research.  Since we have to give the Boy snacks in the middle of the night sometimes because of his Type 1 diabetes, and cookies are a convenient snack, it sure would be nice to be giving him something with more nutrition than a plain ol' Oreo...

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  1. I've never heard of "WhoNu?" cookies! I'm interested to see what you find out.