Monday, October 17, 2011

Lunch: 10.18.11

The Girl has dried plums and some crackers for snack, along with a juice (not pictured).

In her lunch, she has a thermos of taco spaghetti with black beans (leftover from making spaghetti tacos - which are actually surprisingly delicious!), along with applesauce, a tropical granola bar, a clementine, grapes, and a couple Hello, Panda cookies with strawberry filling.  Her thermos is bigger than The Boy's, but that's because it's what I had.  I need to get another small one.  She simply won't eat that much food in her thermos, not yet.

Here's hoping that the thermoses stay warm!  In the morning, I'll fill them with boiling water before heating the pasta up nicely and them transfer the hot pasta to the preheated thermoses... this works best for hot items.

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