Monday, October 17, 2011

Lunch for The Boy: 10.18.11

No Easy Lunchbox today!  That's a first for the year... but the kids both decided to take thermoses with leftover pasta.  We'll see how that turns out..
Yogurt with maple: 15g, grapes: 2g

Anyhow, The Boy has homemade Greek yogurt with a little maple stirred in, along with some grapes for snack.

Pasta: 20g, applesauce: 10g, granola bar: 15g, bread: 20g, babybell: 1g, chocolate pomegranate: 1g
His lunch is a thermos with leftover chicken parmesan (mostly the spaghetti leftover, it's his Daddy's recipe, which he never shares, not even with me... but it's delicious... sorry that I can't share it with you) - I'll fill the thermos in the morning, the picture is just showing how the thermos will fit into the lunch box...he also has some applesauce, a homemade tropical granola bar, a piece of garlic bread (also Daddy's recipe), a babybell, and one chocolate covered pomegranate (don't ask, that was his request).

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  1. Haha, I thought you were just being stingy with the pomegranates :) Looks delicious as usual!!! (jodi)