Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lunch for The Boy: 10.13.11

Happy Thursday!
Applesauce: 15g, Babybell: 1g

The Boy's snack is applesauce and a babybell cheese.  No fun shapes today, I was running late.  I didn't even get to making lunches until this morning!  It was a weird morning...
Oranges: 15g, granola bar: 15g, banana: 20g, Goldfish: 12g, crackers: 11g, cheese: 1g, pepperoni: 0g
Lunch is a banana, a homemade tropical granola bar, crackers, a string cheese, mini turkey pepperoni, Goldfish pretzels, and mandarin oranges.  Not the most exciting lunch, but he was excited about it.

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  1. that granola bar looks amazing... can you share the recipe? your posts are inspirational and help me to think ''outside of the (lunch) box"! you make having a "picky eater" easier! thanks!

  2. ooh! i found it! once again, love your blog! ~rach

  3. The granola bar is made from King Arthur Flour's basic recipe for a chewy granola bar - and for add-ins, I used dried pineapple, chopped banana chips, and coconut. I will try to work up a blog post on them, but if you go to the King Arthur Flour site and search for chewy granola bars in their recipe section, it's basically there. :)

  4. I need to try making homemade granola bars. My 2 year old loves them (so does my husband). Making some of those snacks homemade just makes sense (tried making pretzels last week and loved it). For a quick lunch, it does look tasty!