Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lunch for The Boy: 10.10.11

Some people have Columbus Day off, but we don't... so, back to school with the kids!
Applesauce: 15g, Meatballs: 3g

The Boy's snack is applesauce and some Swedish meatballs from IKEA.
Green beans & hummus: 4g, babybell: 1g, pepperoni: 0g, banana: 20g, crackers: 11g, granola bar: 15g

His lunch is a small banana, crackers, a homemade "tropical" granola bar  (King Arthur Flour's recipe for chewy granola bars, with mix-ins of dried pineapple, chopped banana chips, and coconut.  Mmmm), a babybell, mini turkey pepperoni, and some fresh green string beans with hummus.

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